Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hospitality Operations Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Hospitality Operations Management - Essay casingIntangible factors on the other hand, include branding, image and reputation, innovations, and market position of the business model at heart the marketplace. Perishability factors are associated with products that can go bad or be destroyed for being poorly stored or for not having been preserved correctly. 1These factors influence the magnitude of an investment in order to ensure the purport goals and operational objectives are met. For instance, the hospitality industry, especially in cases where meals are prepared and offered to vast customer segments, rescue of recipes falls under intangible factors while the ingredients to prepare the meals fall under perishables. To preserve ingredients, investors are demand to finance the refrigeration facilities. In order to protect an establishment from corporate espionage, the business model has to control intangible factors such as patenting of innovation. Lastly, the fact that most bu siness establishments in the hospitability industry deal with polar customers the services offered, such as accommodation and entertainment, require the presence of assets such as rooms, swimming pools, spas, and restaurants. high-pitched Valley Hotel seeks to expand its business scope in order to lure and serve more customers as part of a strategy to satisfy the objective of increasing revenue generation as thoroughly as the capacity of operations. With reference to the nature of the tangible factors that High Valley Hotel has to consider during the expansion, depreciation and aliment of the property are among the most vital factors. The establishment seeks to increase the current number of rooms in order to host more clients at any given time since demand continues to increase. However, in the manifestation of the desired rooms, quality of materials of use as well as the nature of

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